If you’ve successfully become a permanent resident in Canada then you can sponsor your child and family who are residing in any other state. However, this sponsorship or application programs isn’t as easy as it looks.

You need the assistance of an expert Toronto Child Sponsorship Lawyer to ensure that you make no errors while submitting documents to the Canadian migration authorities.

On this note, today this blog will discuss all Child Sponsorship in Canada to help you understand the steps to take if you wish to bring over your child to reside with you in Toronto.toronto child sponsorship lawyer

Basic Qualifications

The basic qualifications to become a sponsor for a child are the following:

  • You need to either be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident living in Canada to be a sponsor
  • You also need to be above the age of 18.
  • It must be proven that you do not require any social assistance for a disability or otherwise.
  • You need to show that you have the finances and resources to support the person or child you are sponsoring. Your Toronto Child Sponsorship Lawyer will guide you in the right documents to provide for supporting your claim.

Moving on, in normal cases, a citizen residing outside Canada cannot sponsor a child. However, in case you are planning to reside within Canada after your child becomes a permanent resident you can then sponsor your child. However, this requires concrete evidence and documentation which your Toronto Child Sponsorship Lawyer will frame for you.

Who Can Fall Under Sponsorship?

The child of your spouse or your own child will be considered under common dependent child if he/she meets the following sponsorship requirements:

  • Your child is under the age of 22 and is unmarried.
  • Maybe above the age of 22 but is dependent on a parent’s money due to mental or physical instability.

On this note, if a child is a citizen born to Canadian parents but resides in a different country, he/she will automatically fall under Canadian citizenship if any or both parents are residing within Canada.

What is the Case of Citizenship for Adopted Children?

If you’re an adopted child residing in another country, then the child can be granted adoption once he/she reaches Canada. The parents of the child also require applying for permanent residentship and consulting a sponsorship lawyer Toronto to guide them through the stringent procedure of immigration.

Further, a lawyer will be able to certify and offer proof that whether the adopted child’s relationship with the parents is cordial or not. This will help convince the migration authorities on the decision to give the adopted kid permanent residentship.

child sponsorship lawyer toronto

On this note, it is also vital to ensure that you pick the correct Toronto Child Sponsorship Lawyer. Try to find an attorney by getting a referral or find one that has enough worldly expertise.

Also, check website testimonials and other required documents to find a lawyer who can ensure that you get to sponsor your child the right way.

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