On October 17, 2018, the use of cannabis was decriminalized and hence made legal.employment lawyer in Toronto

People feared that if cannabis or any drug consumption was made legal, the use of drugs or cannabis would skyrocket but this has not happened so far. People at work to this day remain conscious about their work ethic and do not consume cannabis or any other type of drug. Additionally, employment lawyer in Toronto would help you get out of any trouble you get into when consuming cannabis at work.

Lately, the Toronto Star published an article with the title “Half a million Canadians used weed before or at work: National Cannabis Survey”, in which they stated that according to the most recent National Cannabis Survey:

  • Around Five Hundred Thousand Canadians consumed Cannabis either before or at work since February;
  • Approximately 21.5% of Albertans with the age of 15 and higher (around 750,000 people) reported consuming cannabis in some type over the past three months;
  • The national average of cannabis consumption is 18%
  • Last May, it was almost 14%;
  • Around 646,000 Canadians consumed weed over the past 3 months and half of them were either 45 or older;
  • The daily cannabis consumption hasn’t noticed any change, only the weekly and occasional has gone up.

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Many people argue that studies show that a considerable number of people have started to use cannabis even on duty or at work, or even before going to work. This isn’t bad but the people should not forget one thing that is- decriminalization of cannabis does not mean that you could get high at work. Consider contacting an employment lawyer in Toronto if you do get into any trouble. In any case, using drugs at work is unacceptable.

So, if you have not already done this, you need to make sure that you have a drug and alcohol policy working which

  • Implies that impairment at work is not acceptable at all
  • Commands reporting of all medications that might cause impairment at work or job (all of them, not just cannabis)
  • Applies any absolute ban with an acknowledgment that a few employees might consume alcohol during their duties
  • Has a straightforward mechanism for employees to request accommodation and a simple procedure for responding to any requests like these
  • Encourages the employees to report the use of cannabis or any other drugs
  • Gives accommodation while warning of discipline the drug use is not disclosed but results in impairment during work, and
  • Specifies the clear consequences of any breach.

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Employers should also make sure that everybody understands the policy and that is enforced at all costs. Moreover, do not confuse a change in criminal laws with changes at work, these two are very different fields and acting irresponsibly could result in you losing your job. In case things go wrong, have an employment lawyer in Toronto so that you do not have to face any severe consequences.