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Refusal Reasons for Common Express Entry:  Here you can find some significant tips to follow so that it can help you not get a refusal for your application.

Express Entry Visa Application Rejected: Many of the Express Entry candidates might have faced the refusal in the past, but it is advisable not to get dejected. Also, we suggest you not to the make same the mistakes again and again,

Passport Scan Missing/incomplete. You need to upload the biographical page and any pages with stamps, markings, entry/exit stamps or visas. Check with a Toronto immigration lawyer for the supporting documents you need.

Passport Scan incomplete/missing: Every candidate needs to upload the biographical page and any other page with markings, stamps, exit/entry stamps or visas. Also, make sure to include the supporting documents that are needed.

Job details discrepancy NOC code: Job responsibilities and details must go in agreement with No Objection Certificate (NOC) code. The tile of the job could be confusing so make sure to keep the depiction closest to NOC code.

Fail to upload ECA (Educational Credential Assessment).  The educational credential assessment and other diplomas and degree scans must be uploaded, even if Refugees, Immigration, and Canada Citizenship (IRCC) do not ask for it on the upload page.

toronto immigration lawyer

Missing original PCC (Police Clearance Certificate):  All the candidates of Express Entry have to upload minimum one police certificate if you haven’t left your home country for more than six months since the age of eighteen.  Take a look at the PCC section to know what you require.  Also, you have to provide a police certificate for the entire family members, children of eighteen years and above, and spouse. You can get more clarity on this with a Toronto immigration lawyer.

Police Clearance Certificate not scanned in color:  It is compulsory that the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) must be scanned in color.  Even if the certificate is in black & white, you still scan it in color.  You should always remember that you should always scan documents in color in any case.

PCC must be provided on a date before the EE candidate’s departure date from the country:  You must know that you have to apply for PCC only after exiting the country, even if it is just one day before you leave the country, but remember you should not request it before leaving. Do not come back to the country between the date that the PCC was issued and the submission date of your application along with the documents.

If you failed to upload the precise PCC (Police Clearance Certificate):  For each nation, IRCC has its own requirements to the correct PCC. Some nations carry various types of PCC, and occasionally IRCC requires two types of PCCs.  You must read the instruction carefully and always check thoroughly before submitting your application.

If you are in the United Kingdom and you get a caution, then it does not consider or move to criminal records.  If the Police Clearance Certificate States no live traces, which means they have a history, but it does not appear in the records.  You need an additional disclosure from ACRO to solve the issue directly.

Rejection due to DLD (Distance Learning Degree):  Sometimes, a Toronto immigration lawyer refuses you the extra fifteen or thirty points for education credential of Canada if he or she expects less than 50 percent of educations through distance learning.  This can reduce your CRS score below the cut-off of your stalemate. Visit us for Toronto immigration lawyer rules:

Business: Ronen Kurzfeld Immigration Lawyer Toronto
Address: 110 Sheppard Ave E Suite #630, North York, ON M2N 6Y8
Phone: (647) 490-2033

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